A small study of the use of a combination of two hormones (oxytocin and human chorionic gonadotropin) in nine patients suffering chronic pain has been reported at Annual meeting of the American Academy of Pain Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona (March 2014).

The study was performed by Dr Forest Tennant a specialist in chronic pain at the Veract Intractable Pain Clinic in West Covina, California.

Seven of the nine patients reported a 30 to 40 % decrease in pain after taking the hormones with a similar decrease in the use of opioid painkillers in this group. Patients also reported an improvement in the intensity of pain flare-ups and longer time between flares.

Dr Tennant said that “The benefit that these patients talk about is somewhat subjective but relates to what patients routinely call a “feeling of well-being, more alive” or increased “will to live””.

One study patient said that the hormones had no effect, while another said oxytocin made her emotional, but she continued taking the other hormone.

As with all research presented at medical meetings these results must be regarded as preliminary and must be confirmed with a larger study.